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The time to Revive your health, is now!


What if you could reset your thought patterns, make new habits with food,

improve on your self care, and grow your self confidence? 

That sounds pretty incredible right?
From alleviating negative thought patterns, self doubt, lack of awareness of what to do,

feeling stress and anxiety to...Feeling confident, consistent, in control, and empowered with your health.

This is the goal of Revive! 











I have been dreaming up a course that will give people life-changing wellness knowledge.

A  mind, body and spirit whole body health program!

That create an open growth mindset, while enjoying healthy delicious food, and a developing a quality self care routine.

Yes, you deserve to have that! You deserve the knowledge and tools of how to achieve it. You can love yourself when you have had a hard week. You can allow yourself to live a little, without the guilt.  It's true! Health is not just about a number on a scale. 



Your whole body health is your greatest asset!

You deserve to feel better! You deserve to know how to manage your health with confidence!
And I break it down for you in a simple achievable way.

Have you ever felt like you are spin in circles trying the latest crash diet or the burnout workout?

We can get so busy with all the doing and don't take into account stress management, mindset, self talk, or self care.


 There is so much more to consider in our health journey. Healthy eating is more than counting carbs or macros or calories.

I want to show you what it's like to eat really well, and enjoy it.  I want to help you feel confident for a lifetime of good eating, 

and to feed your children good food! As moms, we know the struggle!


Consider this….

Are you a care provider, a wellness professional, a teacher, a parent?

This program will also help you, help others! You can see it as a personal program that gives back.

Because we  know that once you start caring well for yourself, others around you will feel it!

When you start to enjoy life, feel empowered, confident in managing your stress, in tune with what you need...

 I have been the stay at home mom, and the full time working mom. I have pushed through a career path and felt the emotional drain of letting myself take a backseat. I know how quickly we can burn out. I realized that the one thing that made the difference  was how I took care of myself.

When you feel good, you do good!

Check out these Program Success Stories!

"The Reset~Renew~Restore 6-week program led by health coach Amanda Morris helped me focus on my mindset and learn how to make small changes in my daily life to lead to a healthier lifestyle. As a working professional and a busy mom, I have neglected self-care in the past, and it has caused me to be "stressed out" more often than not. I signed up for the program so that I could learn better skills for managing my stress levels. Her approach is holistic in that it improves the health and well being of mind, body and spirit. Her practical tips for meal prep have not only helped me be better organized with my meal planning and grocery shopping, but the recipes she shares are simple, healthy and family-friendly. She offered a self-care guide with meditations to practice. As someone who is new to the practice of meditation, I really liked the guide and explanations. After six-weeks I feel like I have learned new habits to help me better manage stress in a healthy way for myself and for my family.  I highly recommend Amanda's coaching programs for anyone who wants support in their health and wellness goals."  

"I went into this thinking I was going to get help with meal plan and nutrition advice for my family. Boy, was I wrong! I was suffering from Anxiety, Depression, short temper, living in unorganized chaos, and needed help changing a few bad eating habits with my family.  All of these feelings had be feeling like a crazy person! I felt like I was running in circles and had not direction on where to start.  I wanted to change. I needed help to be a better wife, mother, and business woman.  I was looking for a holistic approach to help me and I met Amanda!


Amanda, helped me figure out my triggers. I had not idea that things that happened to me when I was little was affecting me so much as an adult.  I learned to channel my anxiety out of my body to release the tension and stress.  I learned to be more calm and more present with my family. I feel like I am in control of my life and not vice versa! I am more confident in my skin and who I am!  I have learned that just being me is OK and I can be happy!  


I hope that I continue to grow in "self love."  I see more happy times for my family. I feel like a whole new person!  I am going to be a better wife and mom!  I will have a happy marriage. I will continue to take care of my body and my families health as well! " 

"When I began working with Amanda, I wanted to uncover the reasons behind my inability to lose weight. I had tried numerous diets but never stuck to a plan for very long.  She made me uncover my goals and find the things that were keeping me from achieving them. I learned how to make clear goals and how to follow them. She helped me find the best things to eat in the grocery store and make meal plans! Moving forward it is clear to me which habits stand in my way and which behaviors should become my new habits. I am very thankful for the investment I made in my family's health!" 

Are You Ready....
Are you ready to start fresh with a new energy?

Are you ready to un-learn old self sabotaging habits?


Are you willing to learn new life affirming habits?


If you are a YES,

Revive is waiting for you!

The Revive program will be open for enrollment from now to the end of September.

I have streamlined this knowledge and created it in a self-paced learning process,

a learning immersion that you can start applying to your life immediately once started. 

In Revive, we will cover:

Reset your self talk, inner beliefs, and daily habits for better health.

Renew relationship with food; learn to  make healthy food fun again without dieting.

Restore your self care with less stress; getting back to a balanced state of being.

Revive the confidence in your health by practicing these tools and putting all together.

  • Immediate access to all of the course content! Four main pillars of Reset, Renew, Restore and Revive.

  • Private Revive Facebook group, daily access to me for support, guidance, and accountability. Connect with a community of amazing women who are ready and motivated for change!

  • Weekly  engagement posts that will cover many areas of health and wellness, stress reduction, and mindset shifts, happening in the Facebook group. This will also be based on what you need! I love to tailor the experience!

  • Access to the Healthy Homecook Starter Kit, which includes the Mom Life Meal Prep guide, several healthy recipe guides to start using immediately! Access to in-depth exclusive training videos, that cover everything you need to make healthier food choices. Including a guided grocery shopping video, stocking your pantry, and understanding nutrition and ingredients labels.

  • Not to mention...with the Revive course content comes special action steps, a variety of helpful pdfs and printables, recorded interviews on health, a yoga video and meditation bundle, self care planner and more. I have left no stone unturned!

  • I am right there with you for direct access, questions, guidance, accountability. I have a few special surprises in store. Ways we can connect in person or live virtually, so you will have plenty of options!

Right now, This complete wellness immersion is only $198

That's it! 

Prefer a payment plan? No worries! I have options for you!

(to set up a payment plan, feel free to contact me via email)


Special offer!!!

For those that come to the Fall into Wellness Workshop on September 10th,

you will get a special VIP discount if you join Revive!

The full day workshop is the perfect kickoff event to this program!

You will leave the day wanting more I promise, so why not continue the journey?


Hey! I am Amanda Morris E-RTY 200, LMFT

 Yoga teacher, licensed therapist, and health/wellness educator.

There is nothing that excites me more than guiding someone on a health  journey, that they haven't known before!

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